Vision & Mission


BIONAS envisage developing new sustainable green economic activity which will enhance economic growth in rural areas and simultaneously eradicate poverty.


To become the leading producer of sustainable second generation renewable energy, which is environmentally friendly, does not contribute to deforestation, does not compete with food production while at the same time providing and improving socioeconomic value to local communities.


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Upcoming Activities

  • 30June

    6th Annual World Congress of Bioenergy
    KINTEX, Gyeonggi- do, South Korea
    June 30 to July 03, 2016
  • 9Oct

    23rd World Energy Congress
    Istanbul, Turkey
    9 - 13 October 2016
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About Us

Bionas Agropolitan Technology Corridor (BATC Development Bhd) started in 2007 as a pioneer company in the area of bio-fuels production using new and innovative technologies. Its R&D department has made a technological breakthrough in manufacturing today’s most cost-effective bio-fuel by mastering Nano-Emulsion and Nano-Scale Polarization techniques in a modality that does not require heavy investments on refineries and equipment.

Starting with Malaysia seven years ago, today Bionas bio-fuel products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world. Even though most of its additives are Jatropha based, Bionas has the technology to formulate “Drop-In” additives derived from other types of feedstock. At the same time, the other raw materials needed to produce the additives can be found locally in most countries.